History of Bristol Rope

The Bristol Rope and Twine Company started trading on the 1st of February 1959. It was started as a partnership between Mr Cyril Gordon Clements and Mr William Joseph Baker.

Previous to this both Mr Clements and Mr Baker had been employees of William Terrell & Sons Ltd, who were a company of rope manufacturers based at Arnos Vale, Brislington, Bristol.

At this time William Terrell & Sons were in the process of being taken over by British Ropes Ltd and it was the opinion of Mr Clements and Mr Baker that there would be no long term future for them at Terrells. They thought that British Ropes intention would be to take over Terrells, obtain its customers and move the rope making machinery to other plants of theirs around the country. In time this proved to be the case.

Mr Clements and Mr Baker worked very hard for little recompense to get the company established but with the help of their staff they were successful in their efforts.

In January 1971 Mr Baker decided it was time for him to retire so Mr Clements became sole proprietor.

In 1978 Mr Clements son Gordon joined the company after finishing school and college.

In 1991 Mr Clements made Gordon a partner in the business.

During their time working together the partners continued to build the company up, managing to increase turnover year after year. They built up a network of suppliers from around the world from whom they were able to obtain good quality ropes at affordable prices.

Although they do sell synthetic ropes they have always specialised in ropes made from natural fibres such as hemp, jute, cotton, manila and sisal. In todays ecological times this is most important as when these ropes have done their job and are no longer needed they will decompose. Whereas synthetic ropes, like supermarket carrier bags, will not rot away.

Sadly in January 2010 Mr Cyril Clements passed away. But Gordon is continuing to run the company and maintaining the standards set down by his father.